The catalyst for Denis to begin writing full time was a decision to wind down his video production business. With the threat of retirement looming in his future, Denis went back to work on a Western novel he'd written forty years earlier. This was his first writing project and hence, a new career was born.

The first novel, soon to be self-published, is called 'Love in the A Shau'.

Can a man write romance? Challenged by that notion, Denis set out write an historical romance based on the turmoil that defined the 1960s. 'Love in the A Shau' deals with two college students who meet freshman year, fall in love, fall out of love and then go their separate ways. He goes to Vietnam. She advances her career on campus. They meet again after his return from war as two totally different people. They are still a galaxy apart on most aspects of their lives; except for one thing. The ability to trust each other more than anyone else in their lives. But is that enough to rekindle their past love?

A micro site and a book trailer have been created to help promote the novel. 'Love in the A Shau' will be available on both e-book and print formats.

The second novel to be published soon after that is the western entitled 'Apache Death Wind'. This novel will initially only be available as an e-book. A print version will come soon afterwards.

Dissatisfied with a single title such as novelist, screenwriter, or playwright, Denis decided that the most apt description of his work would simply be: Storytelling.

No matter what the genre; novel, play, movie, or children's books, the essence of Denis's work is storytelling in its purest form. While the characters may change and the story may vary, at the core of all of Denis's work is a story to be told. A story that might involve mystery, passion, conflict, or the intricacies of relationships.

There are two other novels; a suspense thriller and a sweeping drama about relationships, which will also be published in the near future.

Additionally, Denis is searching for an illustrator to create a series of comic strips featuring his grandchildren. The strip will be entitled: 'Sweetpea and the Gang'. There are also treatments for more novels, screenplays, and plays that need Denis's attention.

Denis and his wife, Sharon, divide their time between Minnesota and Southern California with long layovers in Colorado where three of their grandchildren live.