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  • Grandparents United
  • Until my wife got into and began digging into our family history on my father’s side, I never really thought about my grandparents and
    Tue, May 26 2020

  • My House is a Very Fine House
  • Paul Whiteman was an American bandleader, composer, orchestral director, and violinist. As leader of one of the most popular dance bands in the United
    Tue, May 19 2020

  • God As My Co-pilot
  • Growing up as a young boy, I was fascinated by World War 2. I read a ton of books on the subject matter. The first speech I gave in high school was ab
    Tue, May 12 2020

  • Solvang
  • Solvang means ‘sunny fields’ in Danish. For me, it meant twelve hundred miles over six days up and down the Central California Coast. Our trio of
    Tue, May 05 2020

  • Brian, Ziggy, and Me
  • In the 1980s, self-help and attaining individual success was in full bloom and a very viable business model. Its disciples included such luminaries as
    Tue, Apr 28 2020

  • The Great Escape
  • It probably began with the Iliad, the Odyssey, and other Greek tales of adventure. History tells us that Homer wrote about one of these first epic jou
    Tue, Apr 21 2020

  • Giving Birth Three Times Over
  • My goal for this season in Palm Springs was to write three plays. Going into it last fall, I had no illusions that the plays themselves, if completed,
    Tue, Apr 14 2020

  • In These Crazy Times
  • The COVID-19 virus is spreading out across the globe. It has become a pandemic and is causing major health, economic and social upheavals. Grocery sto
    Tue, Apr 07 2020

  • Historical Docs Laced with Skin
  • I’m neither an archivist nor a researcher. I don’t save collectibles or search the internet for the latest trendy thing to put on my back or in a
    Tue, Mar 31 2020

  • Art City
  • Art and Palm Springs go together like the chemical reaction of alcohol ink spread out on a canvas. It’s a strange cornucopia of harsh geography, col
    Tue, Mar 24 2020

  • McM
  • Mid-century modern design was hot in the Coachella Valley back in the Forties and Fifties. It was seen as a cost efficient, unique style that lent its
    Tue, Mar 17 2020

  • The Last Roundup
  • I’m not one to read obituaries even though a lot of my friends have fallen into that habit lately. Yet I couldn’t help but notice that several rem
    Tue, Mar 10 2020

  • Life as a Poem Well Versed
  • An interesting thing happened on my well-traveled road to seniority. My collective collateral, long assumed to be material things and assets, morphed
    Tue, Mar 03 2020

  • Thanksgiving 2019
  • It’s all about the experience. I really don’t believe in giving grandchildren a lot of material things. Instead Sharon and I value the sharing
    Tue, Feb 25 2020

  • Cotton Panties and Soft Drinks with Straws
  • Living in Europe is entirely different from living safely ensconced back in the states. There are so many different cultural and historical traditions
    Tue, Feb 18 2020

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