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  • Through No Fault of My Own
  • I give total credit to my Uncle Milton for getting me into Cretin High School in 1957. I knew even back then that it would be a turning point in my li
    Tue, Jan 16 2018

  • A Bentley at McDonalds
  • Palm Springs is a different kind of animal; always has been. Most resort communities sport the ubiquitous gated enclaves of look-alike signature homes
    Tue, Jan 09 2018

  • Living with an Artist
  • Retirement is a funny thing. Everyone approaches it differently. Some folks embrace the concept with enthusiasm for the measured time ahead. Other tak
    Tue, Jan 02 2018

  • Dream Catcher
  • The Lee A. Tregurtha The grey ghost of a harbor town like Duluth has always held tight to a corner of my imagination. Growing up landlocked it was
    Tue, Dec 26 2017

  • Unicorn in the Pool
  • Our two adult children and their families alternately spend either Thanksgiving or Christmas with us in the desert. Like any large gathering of diverg
    Tue, Dec 19 2017

  • Secrets to Any Relationship
  • Sharon and I One of the joys of being married to a very smart person is the wonderful abundance of advice, suggestions, comments, and snide remarks
    Tue, Dec 12 2017

  • Having Arrived
  • William Krisel sketch of a 'Pod House' Our Indian Canyon Neighborhood has two neighborhood parties a year; one in the fall and another in the sprin
    Tue, Dec 05 2017

  • A Challenge to Live With
  • I wanted to call it a handicap or a disability but that seemed rather insensitive to those who suffer from real physical and mental challenges. While
    Tue, Nov 28 2017

  • Colorado Soiree
  • It was another quick jaunt to Colorado while Brian and Amy slipped away to wine country. For Sharon and me, it was time to bond, travel and connect wi
    Tue, Nov 21 2017

  • Hiding the Brush Strokes
  • It always looks so easy because the media wants us to believe it is. House flippers flip and make a fortune overnight. Writers pen the great American
    Tue, Nov 14 2017

  • Murray Peak
  • Down through the centuries, Indian culture has always held their mountains in profound respect. The first ancients to walk this country left their mar
    Tue, Nov 07 2017

  • The Lost Ones
  • I’m a sucker for sentimental songs and the mind-pictures they evoke. ‘Suzanne’ by Leonard Cohen is probably the best example of this. Any song f
    Tue, Oct 31 2017

  • Los Cabos Sunset
  • A long time ago at a different time and place in our lives, Sharon and I had a friend with a second home in Los Cabos, Mexico. It was a wonderful hill
    Tue, Oct 24 2017

  • Three-R-Model
  • Declining literacy rates continue to challenge educators, and frankly, anyone who cares about an educated society. Growing up in a single parent house
    Tue, Oct 17 2017

  • Invisible Playwright
  • Life isn’t fair when it comes to the arts. I recently attended a special showing of the winners for this year’s Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts
    Tue, Oct 10 2017

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