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  • Art City
  • Art and Palm Springs go together like the chemical reaction of alcohol ink spread out on a canvas. It’s a strange cornucopia of harsh geography, col
    Tue, Mar 24 2020

  • McM
  • Mid-century modern design was hot in the Coachella Valley back in the Forties and Fifties. It was seen as a cost efficient, unique style that lent its
    Tue, Mar 17 2020

  • The Last Roundup
  • I’m not one to read obituaries even though a lot of my friends have fallen into that habit lately. Yet I couldn’t help but notice that several rem
    Tue, Mar 10 2020

  • Life as a Poem Well Versed
  • An interesting thing happened on my well-traveled road to seniority. My collective collateral, long assumed to be material things and assets, morphed
    Tue, Mar 03 2020

  • Thanksgiving 2019
  • It’s all about the experience. I really don’t believe in giving grandchildren a lot of material things. Instead Sharon and I value the sharing
    Tue, Feb 25 2020

  • Cotton Panties and Soft Drinks with Straws
  • Living in Europe is entirely different from living safely ensconced back in the states. There are so many different cultural and historical traditions
    Tue, Feb 18 2020

  • In My Back Yard
  • Civilization ends not far from my home where the mountains and canyons collectively take over from putting greens and turquoise pools. There are a clu
    Tue, Feb 11 2020

  • Digging Through the Bones
  • Retirement communities like those in the Coachella Valley have always been a little different than your average homestead. While most neighborhoods ar
    Tue, Feb 04 2020

  • Trans Con
  • One of my fantasies, and trust me there have been many, has been to ride my bicycle across the United States. In biking jargon such a journey is calle
    Tue, Jan 28 2020

  • The Club
  • Cliques are a normal part of everyday life. They can be found in organizations of every size, shape and affiliation. Institutions, groups and gatherin
    Tue, Jan 21 2020

  • The Affair
  • It started out like an illicit affair, begun innocently enough and ending in confusion and finality. It was a gift of travel to an exotic location tha
    Tue, Jan 14 2020

  • Seeking Closure
  • While sometimes things are better left unsaid, more often than not closure is a good thing. Closure brings finality to the end of a relationship, agre
    Tue, Jan 07 2020

  • C2C
  • Out on a ledge at Machu Picchu The ones that got away are always the most elusive. Their importance seldom diminishes over time. Instead they become
    Tue, Dec 31 2019

  • Hilde and the Old Man
  • Back around the turn of the century, Martin Noll’s neighbors would have been polite and simply said that Martin had a stern expression on his face m
    Tue, Dec 24 2019

  • Kopper Meets the Fire-Breathing Dragon or Not
  • One of my treasured rituals with the Minnesota grandchildren is to make up bedtime stories for them. Out of ‘I don’t know where’ I came up with
    Tue, Dec 17 2019

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